hi gorg mugly and stalkers. i treasure yr effort and that unendurable interest of yours on me, lol, to dig more about this no-one.
im anything on your mind, only if its true.
thanks for being curious and you are one relevant person for actually doing your reading here.

1. ayem is a nickname of mine that i'm pleased to bear since i was practically mute. i have a minor spelling pet peeve, i'd get distracted if someone spell celeb's name wrongly. but im not a grammar nazi, grammar is the feast for the innocent eyes. (since my grammar blows ahah)

2. im glad i was born on 1996 bcs 96 is u farting on each others heads. and to the classy wonderer, just do the math. a scorpio anyway. 

3. i love being an Asian. a blackhair and yellowface one.
- but i'm not entirely Chinese (just in case someone from American or the Western read this profile lol)
- so thanks to my foremother for this skin tone i inherited, except that cringey moment looking at my own thigh. very not cool.
- only 5'3'' which is very sad cs haih being tall is expensive T^T
- Manglish is my favorite language. and probably the coolest lang ever invented. u better sign up for the nearest class so we can do the talking, erm actually the cussing together.
- i cannot for cannot  (i hope u can fathom this) eating rice in a day. if u asked me whats my favorite foods well it changes from month to month. but mostly i like thai food. i also like sushi. but dont feed me taugeh and boiled eggs.
- im not a breakfast person. i tend to shit myself in the morning (which is actually good but i hate that kind of feeling in such a beautiful morning). anyway mcd breakfast is trash.
- and for Malaysia, the weather is ehem quite tolerable except for the scorching 2pm ugh. 2pm was never okay and rainy 2pm is as rare as catching lapras. well, please cease the toll service (because i think its annoying), please grow good hygiene people more (hopefully, scientists could discover a serum to boost such gene), please send moron meleis to army camps, to the place where these whining-people actually deserved to be, please sponsor us a free education cs thats legit where should the money actually drained to.
- i was born and raised in Melaka.

4. i came from a big family if u deem 5 as small. the middle child that is not sassy enough to shut up the ugly mouths over petty stuff. but, my sassiness is slightly getting better. and this one hella weird is probably developing an eccentric trait to pass down but thats very doubtful. my siblings (esp. the younger one) can somehow be a pain in the arse but they were the only person i get to call them ohana cs friends is never a real family, they might leave.

5. a very private, reserved, introvert, discreet (yeah u name the rest) person. the nature over the scribbles and rants on this blog is basically a big part of me that i will never deceive. i am real. and i love quoting myself. so, im partly a narcissist- at home. if u think im cool, well you gotta slap yourself cs im never one if you know me irl. thats why i only hv a few friends and we practically share the same interest, so if u like laughing over people on the inernet u can join us via whatsapp group.

6. i believe im still a junior high. my growth is somehow a joke. tsk

7. cray at night, period.

8. sometimes, underestimated. a lil time, a laughing stock- awkwardly pushed out the kids of me. i despise the kid version of me and the retard that trigger that. i was hoping these people save themselves for something better.

9. i might still emotionally attached to my sweet past, cute movies, fictional writing and most usually attractive strangers, that's why i hate going out  haih.

10. sorry but never have i looking for other's acceptance. on my way to become an optimist.


When I was a kid, i remember that i like to write so much. can't really remember any piece of memory how i found this blogging medium either but pretty much i met this hosting when i was 12. before this masterpiece, I did write on millions piece of papers which is still archived until now, few journals (i wont called diary, sound girly lol) and tonnes of my old, unused school-blank-notebooks. I did realized that writing on papers were risky because it could be lost, thats how i started to blog seriously lol ya now i can save trees and everything is compiled in one place and pretty sure i can still retrieved it when i get a grandkid soon.

My blog isnt specific to any type. I basically blog anything I want, more like my random stories. 


This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here merely represent my own. 



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